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The pr
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How To Get More Sales From Classified Ad Sites.
Written by

photo of Charles Carboneau

Hi, I’m Charles Carboneau, President & CEO of We’ve been doing business online since 1997 providing free and low cost advertising alternatives to people like you who are promoting a business or opportunity online.
You may not have considered using free classifieds, but we’ve been using them to build our traffic and sales since 1997, with great success. We’ve become top affiliates for multiple businesses, and continue to rank highly in search engines for multiple key words. Here are a few quick tips that may help you sell more using free classified sites…

1. You may not realize, but free Classifieds allow you to get super targeted traffic to your sales page. You just need to know how to do it. So, how do you get the targeted traffic? Here’s a couple of ides for you… If you’re selling an opp to improve your health, you would place an ad in the BusOpps/Health category. Or, if you selling ebooks for bus opps, you’d place an ad BusOpps/Ebook category. Or, if you’re promoting an automobile opp, you’d place and ad in the BusOpps/Auto category. You get the idea?
2. You need to test headlines and ad content to see which ones pull better. A few free classified ad sites allow you post multiple ads, so you can test out which ones work best for you.
3. Many free classified ad sites get indexed by the major search engines and the best classified ad sites will get indexed almost instantly by Google. If you’re just starting, this really helps you get your site indexed quickly without endless hours posting ads.
4. Free classifieds are a great way to get any new affiliate or downline member started promoting their sales page right away…so, they can make sales faster. Many network marketing companies today have a back office with classified ad links for members to use…some even require members to post every day. One well known company built a million members in a couple years using this method. So, this does work and should not be overlooked by any series networker.
5. Look for free classified ad sites that offer low cost uprades to premium or featured ads. These ads will show up at the top of any search, so you’ll get many times more traffic from them. I highly recommend using featured ads whenever you can!
If you’re selling anything online or if you have a network marketing organization that you’d like to build faster, you should consider the benefits or using free classified ad sites.
There are a few free classified ad sites that I recommend, which have huge daily traffic, Google likes to index, that offer multiple free ads and will offer you low cost upgrades like premium or featured ads. You can find the listing below. Enjoy!
For Recommended Free Classified Ad Sites Click Below:

Recommended Free Classified Ad Site #1
Recommended Free Classified Ad Site #2


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Anytime we can find a product or service that can save us time and make our marketing efforts more effective, we want to tell our readers about it...Well here is a really good product. I like this one the best, as I set up my ad once, and this online submission service will send my ad to 700K sites once a week. The results have been outstanding, with sales of products and programs increase many times over. It paid for itself in the first day. If you're selling anything online, you'll want this program...

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If you're looking to build your online business fast for low cost, then you should consider Fiverr.  What's great about Fiverr is that everything (called a gig) there cost only $5! Yes, this is correct... Isn't this is a brilliant concept?  This is what caught my eye and allowed me to go ahead and try my first gig.   I first looked at only top rated sellers, with thousands of positive reviews. After searching through pages of traffic gigs, listing every conceivable  kind of traffic promotion you can think of (and many you never dreamed of) I settled on a promotion...and hit the order button. I submitted the link I wanted promoted, I waited for the traffic. Sure enough it came in and I got orders...a lot more the $5. So, I made a return on my investment and will continue to use Fiverr for my promotion and you should, too

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I've made a private, behind the scenes video to show you exactly what you need to do to place a free ad to 16,000 sites. It only takes a few minutes. Also, look for a great tip to keep your ad online indefinitely.  If you like this, please share with your friends. Enjoy!

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Use Classified Ad Submission Sites To Automate Your Ad Postings. I used to place free ads every, it's done for me automatically - 700,000 sites a week! It's really easy....Here's how:

Anytime we can find a product or service that can save us time and make our marketing efforts more effective, we want to tell our readers about it...Well here are some really good products. I like the the first one the best, as I set up my ad once, and this online submission service will send my ad to 700K sites once a week. The results have been outstanding, with sales of products and programs increase many times over. It paid for itself in the first day. If you're selling anything online, you'll want this program...

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Use Email Marketing, Safe Lists & List Building Systems To Get More Traffic To Your Site.

  We've used email marketing to sell our products and services since 1997 and it still works great today. They key to marketing with email is to have a large, established list of readers looking for new products. If you're new to online marketing or don't have an email list, it will take you a long time to build a list like this. Well, here's where safe lists can help you. These are double opt-in lists that let you send an email offer to their list once a week or so for a small fee. They manage the list, you just send out offers and keep any sales you make of your product or service. There are many safe lists, but one stands out among them all as the best and the longest running. This is the one we use...and, it paid for itself in the very first email broadcast to their 4 Million subscribers . Find out the Top 10 Safelists...all are are 100% Independently tested!

Posted 1/6/16 7:21 p.m.
Internet Business Articles

Are You On Pinterest...Yet?
Written by

As you know, I'm always looking for ways to help you get more traffic to your website...especially free ways. Well, I've found a new social networking site called Pinterest which you should consider joining right away. Here are some basic business stats as reported by the Huffington Post ...

• Launched March, 2010, Pinterest has grown 4000% in the last six months.
• It has 17 million users a month and is the 60th most visited site in the U.S.
• Pinterest drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn -- combined.

With this kind of traffic, you'd be crazy not to join and use it for your products or services. I think it's a lot like a bulletin board you might have at home, where you pin pictures and notes on it....but, much more powerful. Members can link, pin, comment on, follow and much more... So you end up with an extremely robust traffic generating machine. As  an internet business owner, here are a few ways you can us this site:

  • Do like we did and pin pictures and videos from an existing website. You can check our page here: Pinterest  Note: you must be invited to join by an existing member to access Pinterest.
  • You could pin ebooks and show sample pages...or, pin several of your ebooks all on one board.
  • You could showcase any or all of your products or services on one general board or several targeted boards.
  • You could find a great product niche and pin all kinds of pictures, which link to your Amazon affiliate account.
  • And, the list is endless...

I'm in the process of producing a short video to give you more info about Pinterest...So, check back shortly.  Oh...please click the share button to share this article about Pinterest.

Posted 1/5/16 7:21 p.m.
Use Low Cost Advertising Programs To Build Traffic & Sell More. 

You can promote your products via free advertising services online and do very well with it, but I've found that some of the low cost paid advertising programs work extremely well. I've used this program since 1998, with wonderful results. They offer many low cost advertising options for you. You ought to try this service out. I know it works, as I'm now ranked 14 out of  40,294 members. I like options # 1, 2 & 8 below the best...

1. Newsletter Advertising. Put your ad in front of 25,000
loyal subscribers to Adland Digest since 1998.  Click Here

2. Submit your ad to 80,000 search directories, classifieds and
search engines. Click Here

3. Renewable Classified ads on top of Adlandpro search results,
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5. Unlimited Follow-up - Autoresponders. Click Here

6. URL Tracking tools. Click Here

7. Opt-In List Builder Click Here

8. Advanced Advertising Package
Includes items 2,3 and 3000 monthly credits for item 4, plus
other services not offered as single items for purchase. Click Here

9. Gold Member. Contains all of our services packaged as one tool. Click Here

10. PPC. Pay per click Advertising. Click Here

11. Traffic Exchange Credits. Click Here

Here are 239+ Free Classified Ad Sites  Free access today...

Click Here to get your classified ad on up to 111,111 websites


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Want To Earn Some Extra Income On The Internet? Here Are Some Ideas For You...

We like to try out new programs...and, promote established programs, too. We think these programs have a lot of value and income potential for you. If you're looking for some additional income streams that take very little time, take a look at these.

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Here's a behind the scenes video to show you what you need to do to earn an extra $20-$200 a day from classified ad sites. You'll get access to a compete "how to" video tutorial. Yes, you can use these ads to promote your product or services and if you do, you'll dramatically increase your sales. I've included sample actual live ads that we're using right now, so you can see for yourself how they work...If you like this video, please share it with your friends. Click on the image at left... Enjoy.

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