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Why I Got A Domain...How I Made Money With It...And How Easy It Is To Create Your First Web Site!

  By Charles L. Carboneau, CPA

I confess getting a domain wasn't always high on my priorities. In fact, it seemed pretty daunting. But I'm here to tell you that getting a domain -- (http://www.cashconnection.com) -- was one of the best business decisions I've ever made. Moreover, creating my domain was easy and actually fun.

What I've learned in the process is something I think lots of other entrepreneurs should know. That's why I've written this report!

The Basics

So, what is a domain anyway? Good question!

It's a 20+-megabyte piece of virtual real estate on the Internet that you own and control. How's that different from the single web page you currently have? Well...your single web page probably uses about 10-20 kilobytes of memory. Think about this...with a domain, you could have between 1-2,000 separate web pages instead of just one web page. And, when you own your own domain site, you control it. With your single web page you don't. It's mostly a static page that just sits there waiting for people to look at it. With your domain...the sky is the limit! You can sell web sites, sell advertising, make lucrative deals with other people...Get the picture?

Well I didn't at first... I really didn't understand all I could do with this chunk of cyber-real estate. It took some conversations with an Internet guru. But once I got the drift, I purchased a domain immediately! I would have been crazy not to.


To Make Money. Let's face it. Your domain should be a money maker. Problem is, a domain without traffic is a real problem. That's where InternetMatrix made the most sense. You can acquire a domain from lots of people. But when you sign up with InternetMatrix, you can link to a ton of   traffic -- currently over 200,000 visitors a month, with lots more expected.

With this kind of traffic, I could see it would be easy to promote business opportunities, make lucrative cross links, sell advertising banners, sell web pages, and much more.

Value. Previously, I had three separate web pages at which cost about $900 a year (With a domain, my investment was $899 a year for 1,500+ pages of material). So, it only made financial sense, something which I as a CPA pride myself on. I would receive a lot more for the same amount of money. And I could publicize new businesses without having to buy an individual web page for each one, which could become expensive.

Control of Content. I didn't want to go through a third party. I wanted to make all the rules for my domain. This would give me the control to barter, trade, create new businesses, and make money at will.

Frequently update web pages at no cost. I wanted to be able to change my web site anytime. My business opportunities and consulting clients are constantly developing...They include bus opp companies, which tend to occasionally update marketing materials and enhance compensation plans. This way I could keep my information accurate and current.

Get ahead of everyone else. I didn't want to be left in the dust in the newest frontier since the Wild West. I was the first in my office to learn how to operate a computer back in 1981. With this computer knowledge, I was able to start a CPA consulting practice using computer modeling programs that I developed. This saved companies a lot of money. Learning computer skills early allowed me to make good money. And I wanted to continue to make money on this new technological money-making wave.

Open New Marketing Avenues. I've been marketing various products for a number of years and have done some very successful direct mail marketing programs. But having a domain would let me easily do so much more...Like linking my business opportunity web pages to each company's professionally designed web sites, so I could display all their materials as if they were on my domain.


As I said before, I'm a hard-headed CPA. I only lay out money after I've considered the options. Here are six reasons why I got my domain through InternetMatrix:

Reliability. Lots of people can host your commercial domain. I checked Internet malls out for a year. And I interviewed the people at InternetMatrix. I wanted to deal with a company that provides customer service, training and support. How did I decide which company to do business with? Bottom Line...It was InternetMatrix's commitment to education and trainging!

Experience. The people at InternetMatrix have assisted many companies (including mine) either to get Internet domains or Mall Web sites. InternetMatrix is an international company offering 24 hour monitoring of server operations, 7 days a week. I needed this kind of reliability to ensure that my domain was always up and running and that any technical problems that occur would be dealt with promptly.

Performance. Their connection speed is 10 megabit (6.7 times faster than a T1) on the Telus backbone. Microsoft NT Secure Server (IIS 4.0) is the state-of-the-art operating system. (It's so good it was recently awarded a Comdex award for "Best Operating System" by PC Magazine. Your files are backed up daily and full recovery protocols are in place. This is very important to me because I needed the security of my domain and everything on it!

Technical service and customer support. With InternetMatrix, you get full electronic support 7 days a week, and telephone support 5 days a week. I've found over the course of 2 years that InternetMatrix prides itself on answering your service questions and problems promptly, efficiently, and without technical garble. InternetMatrix's objective is to have 100% of its customers renew. They do what's necessary to achieve this goal by providing the service and support you need.

Marketing assistance. With my domain, I wanted maximum traffic. InternetMatrix knows that. That's why they link to you and make available a link back to the CashConnection Malls so you can benefit from the fact that millions of people visit these Malls. I could have my own independent domain AND benefit from this traffic, too, while using all the techinical and marketing expertise provided about free and low-cost places to promote the domain on and off the Internet and develop still greater traffic.

Price. Feature for feature, InternetMatrix offered the some of the lowest prices in the Internet industry. Sure, you could find someone operating out of a garage who offered you a lower price for this or that, but when you're running a business and expect your domain to be working for you every single day, you've got to look at the entire picture. InternetMatrix is a   pioneer in the concept of maximum value for minimum price on the Internet.


Here's what I did in a little over a week:

  • Bartered web space for a percentage of a time share condo in Hawaii. While it was snowing in Indiana, I was working away on my lap-top on Waikiki Beach. I kid you not!
  • Created marketing materials for my downline to use. All they had to do was visit my domain...and get new materials immediately!
  • Sent 10,000+ product brochures free via e-mail. In the past I had to make up these packets and mail them out at my expense and wait for the post office to get around to delivering them. Now I send out the material instantaneously and can start talking to qualified prospects within hours, even minutes, making deals instead of waiting for mail to be delivered!
  • Made three business agreements to sell other companies' products on my mall for a percentage of their profits. When you own a domain, with space for 1,500+ pages of material, it’s very much in your interest to add new items as quickly as possible. The marginal cost is negligible (time mostly), and you increase your profit immediately. Note...If you have any profit sharing deals and would like to put them on my domain, e-mail me at webmaster@cashconnection.com and we may be able to work something out with you!

What else can you do with your domain space? Well, here are a few more ideas that I'm currently working on:

  • A guest book. Get follow-up information on the people visiting my domain.
  • Listserver. This is used for automated mass mailing to an e-mail list. This might be my customer list, prospect list, newsletter subscribers, etc.
  • Electronic order forms so people can buy what I'm selling online
  • Sound files, so I can play either music or a marketing message
  • Video. Prepare a visual presentation of my company, products or services accessible to viewers online.
  • Feedback/request forms so I can get my prospects what they want
  • A hit counter so I always know how many people are visiting
  • Online databases. Make public my company's product information, data files, library resources, archived materials.
  • Chat groups. This will make my site more interactive and inviting by offering a forum for people to exchange ideas, resources, and discuss items related to my site!
  • Password protected access. These protected files allow authorized access only through a password. For example if you offer a publication, this could be made available online only to those who have paid a subscription fee and therefore been granted a password for access.


Frankly, I had my worries about just how easy it would be to develop a domain and do the necessary work of uploading files, etc. I'm no tech head!

Here's what you do:

As should be clear by now, you need to get your domain site at InternetMatrixt. Start by going to Click Here,   Your domain is often up within a few days.

Download a  copy of Microsoft’s Frontpage 98 software program which makes it easy to design your web pages. If you can use a word processor, you can use this program. It's that simple. You can get Microsoft Frontpage 98 at http://www.microsoft.com/frontpage

You need to get a file transfer program. The best one is WS_FTP. Download a FREE copy at http://www.ipswitch.com. This program takes the web page you designed on your computer using Frontpage 98 and transfers it your domain site...with a click of a button.

You need to get a scanner. Go to your local computer store or look in a catalog for one. You only need a basic scanner. I use EasyPhoto Smart Page by Storm Technology. You can check it out online at http://www.easyphoto.com

Now you're ready to create your first web site. Here's how:

Scan your printed marketing materials into Frontpage. Once in, they'll appear as black text on a white background. You'll want to add a color background and color text to enhance the appearance of your web page. Use the color buttons on the tool bar and you're done! When you're finished customizing your page, save your file. Then use the WS_FTP program to transfer your web to your domain address (www.yourdomain.com). To do this, you click on the connect button, highlight your files to transfer, click on the send arrow key and that's it.

Pretty easy, isn't it?


Is InternetMatrix the best place to have your domain? Absolutely YES! CashConnection Malls currently get millions of visits a year. You need this kind of traffic to make money on the Internet...! You can benefit from ongoing national advertising campaign....From card deck promotion, including quarterly 100,000 circulation deck promotions to heavy Internet promotiions.

Why put up a domain now? Because when you create your domain at InternetMatrix, you're getting a passive income engine...It works for you all day, all night...while you are doing something else. The sooner you start, the more you'll make.

Will traffic at my domain site increase? Yes! My traffic increased by 500% since I got my own domain and is growing still. I received more responses in one week with my domain site than I did in the previous two months with just a single web page alone.

Does it take a long time to set up a domain? No. I didn't know much at all about creating a domain...And in about two days I had my first 10 pages online. In a week I had 59 pages and it's still growing. With the information contained in this article and the assistance you get from Preston and Twyla, you'll be up and running your own web domain in no time!

Bottom line...Everyone in business today needs a domain...and you need to get one at InternetMatrix - http://www.internetmatrix.com